Water & Cellular Hydration

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Cellular Hydration

 Get the Most from your water
 The ability to hydrate our cells is fundamental to health, when we understand how our system uses EZ WATER you will happily make the effort to either source spring water yourself or use awesome hacks to create this negatively charged powerful ez water at home

The simplicity of adding tiny amounts of of nutrients to water to create this electric charge our cells thrive on is well worth exploring.
Personally I collect fresh spring water whenever possible, vortex it if stagnant bottles is all I have, regarding creating ez water i enjoy adding a little amounts of one of these ingredients daily, esspecialy at the start of the day, Hymillian salt, Ice cubes, frozen berries, chia seed ,Vegetables so many amazing drinks are available ,all balance hormones but these above are the fastest cheepest and easiest ways to spark life into your liquid to help us hydrate cells with ez water to ensure our mitrocondria keep functioning optimally as easily as possible . Cucumber & other water based Vegetables are also great ways to get this ez charged water into your body .

For more information on getting the most out of water immerse yourself in this playlist & test these ideas for yoursel

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Red Light Therapy is also good to consider while maximising the powerful effects of EZ water in our body