Welcome to the 8th Day

Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

“Recovery is not just healing but its the ability to maintain health”

As Personal Trainer, Sports Remedial Massage Therapest, Nutritionist & Holistic Coach, When i was given the opportunity use the tools i had learned to be a carer 24-7 to restore the quality of life for someone I loved I jumped at the opertunity. This website started as a collection of the things that worked for me during rehabilitation with a close family member following a stroke. After understand the limited information family’s have around health I became vomited to creating a resource that good people could find evidence based ideas that would make there life easier and improve the quality of life for everyone involved

  My understanding of the organism, cellular health and gainning hormesis earned us phenomenal results. As i continued to implement new ideas around lifestyle changes and help create new habits it became clear others needed to know how to regain health.  Doctors only offered official pharmaceutical protocols but there were so many more, sometimes better, always natural ways to regain health & people are having tremendous recoveries. Best part is most holistic aprotchies are free & very easy to incorporate into small lifestyle changes.

Things that worked for me & keys that worked for others during there journey are the foundation of this website

Commit to understanding subjects then decide the lifestyle changes you want to enjoy daily

Understand any areas of health you might have been neglecting, make a plan take action and review, , ,  tweak plan & continue

Its not that simple true, but the first step is just having a why & real desire to understand health. Be open to the unfortunate truth most of us were raised on lies & false data supplied by corporations who didn’t have your health & quality of life as there main objective

The internet is allowing us to explore and find the lifestyle that works best for us giving us the quality of life we deserve

This site is a collection of information that resonates with me,  now its clear that most people have the best intentions but don’t have the right information to help others & thrive in this modern environment.

Explore various subjects, experiment for yourself and stick with what works for you, the hardest part is the first step,Do tests, when you feel the evidence for yourself its easy to replace habits when the new habits make you feel so good

Like the caterpillar, it cant even comprehend flying like a butterfly but once it becomes a butterfly there is no looking back. You might not remember the bliss of just feeling good but when you balance your 2nd brain the Gut microbiome thrives, hormones flow and you are able to move freely again you’ll gain the evedence that makes continued progression easy and your days are full of the pleasure of previously unimaginable emotions

Its an exciting time if you commit to testing some of these ideas and embark of the journey that leads you to know & be in love with the feeling of total human optimization