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Self Healing Wisdom, 2020 Vision

SELF Healing Wisdom & Holistic Coaching Drs Resource for the cares on the front line. Gamified Health To find Small targeted lifestyle adaptions that will massively improve quality of life, for you and everyone you connect with. “Be the change you want to see in the world” Test out these healing pathways so you can give a personal opinion to anybody you share with to help them on there journey Share these video playlists to give others a deeper understanding of why they currently feel how they do & to introduce them to potential action plans to get them back to optimal health and hormeses

Question All Authority:

When health fundimentals are clear to you, you will easily see through company’s whos focus is profit & repeat business for life


This is a resource that still has lots to share so keep checking back or ask questions

You are going to love what’s on it’s way

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So much information from experts speeking out here, understand where some ideas come from & how studies where funded & who gains most from results, as well as getting clear on all the side effects before starting any protocal knowmatter who is recommending it. Side effects are effects that come in time ,they are just not the ones that are being pushed at first. Love your gut & brain and do nothing that might harm them for short term relief over effort & lifestyle changes

Remember you can and will repair yourself in the right environment

Explore ideas from sucsessful people getting the results your aiming for, love conferences, podcasts, interviews or just vlogs of people sharing the story’s of there sucsess. From here you can make informed desitions and know why things are inproving



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