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Barefoot lifestyle Upgrade

August 22, 2022

Staying barefoot as much as possible & Barefoot shoes changed my health, chain reactions fixed several issues, physically & mentally improving the quality of my life.

Barefoot Benefits playlist

Check out these video playlist above from others who love minimal shoes,& have developed best techniques to get the most out of them. Find ways to achieve a vast list of gains in our life through becoming more aware of our environment. Proprioception is a natural skill we have to stay balanced subconsciously, Our feet are designed to function like our hands creating stability around the full 360 degrees as we stand or move. (Check out Fascia Tensegrity page bellow to innerstand the functions of our Fascia & ways to Ballance the facial chains that flow from our feet. When our body is able to function dynamically, smooth in ballance again as we where designed, we are able to heal & performance is increased, all while avoiding overuse injuries , highly recommended

Sand or uneven natural environments are great places to develop strength during your bare foot rehabilitation journey

Relaxed gentle time playing with Balls & foam rolling style exercises is great if you are dealing with discomfort from the feet , create a plan innerstand Miofacial Release, how & where to massage as well as how to breath and hold your self throughout so your nervous system registers safety to enter a healy mode

MioFacial Release Video Playlist

Vivoberefoot shoes have worked great for me so i addeda link to them, they continue to impress me with there high quality wide toe, thin sole, vegan, minimal barefoot shoes that allow our feet to function as naturally designed to

For optimal results incorporate these techniques along with quality sleep & hydration & breathing practices , these new habits will create lasting change & make the journey much more enjoyable

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