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Sun Light Benefits​

April 17, 2019

Ideally whole body Sun Exposure let our glands & skin soak up these frequencies of light to balance our circadian rhythm

Daily sunrise & sunset light exposure is going to be the very best option if your time is limited.

Vitamin D (is a Hormone ) is created through sun exposure mixing with nitric oxide, stored in the skin (Nitric Oxide is very high is dark green leafy vegetables ) And as a hormone is responsible for signalling action within hundreds of areas of our bodys , that leads to health

To get even more from this practice avoid electronic screens, especially after sunset and the last 2-3 hours of your day as these light frequencies are unbalanced & very high in the blue light frequency rather than the suns full spectrum light.

Sun Light is more like a rainbow of multiple frequencies combining to tell organisms the time & how the internal chemistry should be in that moment so we can perform optimally and have the right chemistry to produce rejuvenating & healthy sleep & dreams.

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