Now let’s utilise, the Alpha State!

Meditation doesn’t have to be woowoo, controlling our brainwave states alters our perception & emotions, spending time in each of these states creates ballance in our lifes, use Music, breath, movement patterns or thoughts to choose your state. You must close your eyes to leave the beta state

Start with these 2 videos

Practice & respectfully get familiar with getting into ALPHA states with eyes closed, specific music & language through Silva centering exercises. Once the basics are understood & enjoyed, explore other powerful Silva techniques. These tools will open you to the wealth of potential of the human mind, let your imagination run wild, your going to love it

Alpha State Meditations

Multi Video Playlist

Find the whole Silva technique course at MINDVALLY. Com

Dynamic Meditation

Connect with versions of yourself in other dimensions to bring clarity to projects or to reframe trauma & extreme experiences from your past & present or just to immerse yourself in gratitude for all the gifts you have been blessed with throughout your life, the only limitation is in your imagination

Enjoy Healing Tones

This playlist is a taster of a few powerfull Salfegio Frequencys & Healing Tones find more, save them & enjoy them daily

Alpha Beats

Create your own scripts & design experice, jouneys, communications & wisdom

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