Sleep Optimization

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Ensure the perfect balance of chemicals flow through the system for maximum Rest & Rejuvenation every night as we sleep

On this page you will find several keys to getting a fully rejuvenating sleep every night to maintain you health & vibrancy.

You will also gain an idea of the true power of real sleep, and gain skills to make these lifestyle changes easily

How much dose sleep Speed recovery time? & Quality of life ?

Sleep to Repair & Recharge: MULTI Video Playlist

Q; What hours are best to connect us to sleep to Rythem of the earth? Is this the best frequency to Promote Repair & Recharge???

As long as I get settled to sleep around 9-10 , I wake in flow,

Full Revitalized

Moving in flow so slow, its a constant challenge to ballance consumes my mind as my fascia remoulds all as I gentle walk, rising, moving, lowering,

A mind contousness in tone & tempo of environmental noting

Triggers adjustable brain wave states

Commit to times you dedicated to sleep empowerment

Eventually it will be instant,

Untill you uncover the best way for you

Just comitt to going to bed

Utilits these throughout the day ,Some of these will wake you others will put you to sleep,

Find what’s best for you

Your exposure to artificial lights will directly impact your hormones &

Circadian Rythem

If we are looking for maximum rejuvenating & healing Benifits prepare to sleep following sunset with zero screen time