Why Move?

April 17, 2019

Why enjoy rhythmical flowing movmemnts ?

How will these new flowing hormones change our outlook & emotional states

First See it, Feel it, Enjoy Doing it

Why do people choose to keep Moving?

Habitual Gentle Movements Will. . .

  • Clear lymph -Detox
  • Balance Hormones
  • Instantly feel good
  • Blood flow aid
  • Emotional wellbeing boost
  • Disassociation from stresses
  • Fascia lengthening
  • Fascia Elasticity
  • Balance increase
  • Deliver Nutrients
  • Create Energy


Understand the structure of our body’s connecting pathways & sling systems.

Then gain controlled comfortable constant strength & finely tuned explosive power

Choose minimal Flowing Movements on either of the facial chains

Fascial Mobility Restoration

Fascia & Tensegrety Multi Video Playlist

If you currently have physical restrictions

Start with Powerfull Visualisations with focused Breath

so many options of what movements to start with , check out this visualisation playlist and free from language just imaging the feeling that come from these enjoying these movements

Balance challenges, & Myofascial release from Small Balls & Rollers is a great first step to Physically feel great all day long, enjoying small movements as we start to spark life back into a sedentary system

Self Myofascial Release

SMR Balls: Deeper Understanding

Barefoot Activities Even Better