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Why Sprout & Eat Raw Seeds?

September 4, 2019

For Superior Nutrition


H . O . P . E





RAW Living Electric food

Slow juicing is a great way to get abundance of sprouts nutrients

Adding mung bean sprouts, broccoli sprouts, alfalfa sprouts or any sprouts to a salad will make it much more nutrient dence filling you with energy while still staying light and refreshing.


Sprinkle some on all your meals to ensure you are getting the benifits of RAW in your life

Understand This

Hippocrates institute Hippocratesinst.org have conducted research into the electrical frequency of our food and the effect that electrical charge has on the frequency of healthy cells

Why are wheatgrass, edible weeds, and tropical fruits at the top of the list? Because they have the most sunlight, or lifeforce energy, in them. In this system, we recognize that all life on the planet comes from the sun. It is collected by plants in the form of ultraviolet rays, which is energy. The ratings of the listed foods are based on the radiance they contain and emit. Higher levels of food have greater radiance, because their cells are capable of capturing and maintaining greater amounts of the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Five-star foods (*****) indicate those with the greatest nutritional and electrical frequency available; fewer stars indicate diminished potencies and vitality. Nutritional quality and quantity are created within each plant and are determined by the amount of sun energy contained within the cell structure of the plant.

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Find the full list of rated living electric food

HOW & WHY to start Sprouting

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