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Why Eat Raw to Heal & Thrive

October 7, 2019

For Superior Nutrition


” H . O . P . E “





The immortal words of Hippocrates, the famous Naturopath and Father of Medicine, apply here:

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be food”

Start with

just one RAW nutrient packed meal,

test how you feel,

If it feels good have another

Find more meals you would like to eat

Understand Why? Raw = Medicine,

have hot food only for the sedated comfort or taste occationaly but remember the truth, Raw foods are complete, so we can digest them and we merge with “Electric Living Nutrition”

“Phytochemicals; the most important aging reversing, disease recovery nutrient ever discovered , Are destroyed when cooked” Brian Clemont Hypocritis Health Institute

“Life is too short not to eat raw and it’s even shorter if you don’t.” 
― Marie Sarantakis

With Raw organic electric living food you know you are not ingesting man made chemicals to increase shelf life & have your body & mind craving more consuming your thoughts

Also restore your Circadian Rythem, first to heal faster

Why include some raw foods?

How can even adding some RAW food help healing?

My current opinion on why I’m mostly raw

Talks on the power of Raw for healing

Raw Meal Inspration

Raw Recipes


Why are wheatgrass, edible weeds, and tropical fruits at the top of the list? Because they have the most sunlight, or lifeforce energy, in them. In this system, we recognize that all life on the planet comes from the sun. It is collected by plants in the form of ultraviolet rays, which is energy. The ratings of the listed foods are based on the radiance they contain and emit. Higher levels of food have greater radiance, because their cells are capable of capturing and maintaining greater amounts of the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Sun’s Healing / Photosynthesis & Human energy Systems

Ballanced Gut Ballanced Hormones & Formenting foods

Help your lymphatic System

Natural Healing Jems

People telling me how much they can’t consider getting to the gate that is a Raw lifestyle, like that is the end goal, maybe because they do not consider how it feels on the other side

When sleeps ballanced we can heal from everything easily & it’s free

Grounding start today

All these lifestyle changes above are awesome but ultimately you might have to deal with the relationships & language you have built around food

Rather than for an instant state change

Eat to remain energized

Fully charged on Raw Electric Nutrients

Enjoy this whole Website!