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Juice Fast/ Feast guide|Via Josh X

December 31, 2020

Gain an inner standing of best habits to support optimal success & health during juicing .

Being prepared & committed in advance guarantees results. Just get clear before you start

Juice & blend recipes at bottom of page

Josh & Michelle X podcast appearences & nutrition Q&As

Connect through patreon & Youtube to stay involved with the X family & online community projects. Following on from our December solicist feast I recommend you to connect & get involved in our next challenge to-get-her

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Our transitional book is READY for download.
We wish you all so much love and light…
We have put great information in that will help one see why we should live and eat this way…
And showing how we can progress and evolve our conscious and heal our physical bodies from dis-ease.
Money is funny and we have always done our work for free.
And continue every day to do so.
While we are trying to raise funds to create a food jungle with organic heirloom fruit, ashram, healing centre and a higher conscious community to aid in the shift in collective consciousness.
To climb-8 and active-8..
We are giving the choice to send a donation to our PayPal in return for a Pdf of  87 recipies 113 pages of our work.. This could really aid and speed up in making this happen. We hope it will help so many heal, transition, find balance and create heal-thy me-als to heal-thy self and family.
If one can truley not afford anything and is seeking please email us via
Other wise click this link and we really hope you in-joy this, you will recieve with in 24 hours.…Thankyou in advance

Love and light x family

Breath work helps install new habits

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All My Vlogs During 21 day fast| Editting & uploadingSoon

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More Raw Meal Recipies, beyond Soups Salads, etc

General Fasting info| Lauren Lockren

Extra Motivation

Breathing Techniques to practice

Plan & Try them all

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