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2020: Staying Connected & Transcending Cultural Boundarys

October 4, 2020

So much has happened recently beyond the television & corrupt main stream media machine, this page has been set up up to allow new ideas to be explored. Find…


Raising the Chrism Oil. Sacred Secretion

August 8, 2020

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Template Ceremony

June 29, 2020
Enter high Vibrational State, Cleans from main stream media low vibration uncertainty to avoid fear . Watch feel & know
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Flow State | Optimization

June 17, 2020

When we

Incorporate flow states into our life

We get to experience, Timeless freedom, True unlimited power & boundless inspiration

Multi Video Playlist: Jason Silva flow wisdom

Flow|Hacking Talks


HEAL Healing Meditation Nutrition Videos

Beautification of the Mind | Alan Clements Meditation Retreat | Bali

March 5, 2020

Six Day Retreat Live

Two three hour Dhamma talks where recorded live each day during this powerful meditation retreat

Ubud Bali, Dec 19

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