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July 9, 2019

Gradually build into full water fast,

Get prepared & enjoy the journey

Explore the playlists below to know

  • All the benefits that fasting brings & why it feels so good
  • Intermittent Fasting incorporation
  • What our Digestive system does during fasting
  • How Autophagy benefits us in preventing the disease from ever growing
  • Ketosis & the clarity that comes from fueling on fats
  • What fats are best & how do we prepare them
  • What to expect when we first start eating only during specified eating windows
  • Hormesious

Powerful Fasting Quote Sellection

Why we have Fasted for 1000s of years

Intermitant Fasting

Understand Autophagys Benifits

Breaking Fasts

What FATS are best ?

Fasting Talks: More indepth studys

Water Fasting is easier &more enjoyable when you understand. . .

Ketogenic Lifstyle





Healing Music

Hymalian Sole

Enjoy the Ride X

I now believe that daily allowing time to digest food fully is crucial for health. Fasting 1-2 days annualy is a must

Idealy from our 20s incorporating a 1-3 day water fast every 1-3 months for mental & physical health boosts

1-2 x per year a 6-21 day is highly advantagous, if you can find the right environment to enjoy this practice & have allowed time away from lifestyle stresses, to relax & heal