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Cancer Full Healing​: Aftercare

June 23, 2019

And how to prevent loved ones from creating it

New Understanding of Cancer

Protocol options, for every step of the journey:  Multi Video Playlist
+Reframing Cancer Understanding+

Make an informed decision & help loved ones understand their paths back to optimal health & a happy life

Before we take a deep dive to understand why cancer forms & our lifestyles role in the maintenance of healthy systems

First focus on understanding true Cellular Health and how our actions ensure Optimal Functioning Thriving Cells

To get us started I’ve included links to many video playlists so you can understand

Main areas to Understand & love, together they equal cellular health

  • Optimal Mitochondrial Functioning
  • Autophagy/ Cell Recycling to prevent imbalances
  • Nutrition
  • Keto / Fats for Fuel
  • Sleep / Optimisation through light
  • SunLIGHT AM/PM Exposure: For Circadian Rhythm Balance & hormesis
  • Cellular Hydration/ Water
  • Grounding / Benefits connecting to Earths negative ions
  • Movement/ Free Flowing Loving Physical Movements
  • Breath/ empowering flowing Rhythms
  • Immune System Boost/ How do we cause inflammation?
  • Emotions/ the chemicals that flow during stress

Explore this whole site for whole pages full of video playlists covering the most important health understandings you should test & incorporate into your new lifestyle. I added a few links below to start with, dont be overwhelmed start with breath

Your environment is a huge part in healing so we will also explore the mental states you experience & chemicals you trigger each day through your lifestyle choices & actions

What area of Health are we Focused on Today?

So you successfully got through the doctors emergency protocol, Congratulations

Ensure nothing returns

by taking quick dive into understanding cellular health with these refind Video Playlists from experts

And what actions lead to the best quality of life

Website Overview 360Vr Video

 +what are you willing to change to make sure nothing returns?

As you probably found, After care to ensure you CONTINUE TO CLEANSES & THRIVE is not a massive part of what Drs help you with, luckly for you this website has you covered

+What are you willing to do to save loved ones around the world from everything you just went through?

Now, it’s time to make the fun enjoyable lifestyle changes that prevent any disease from ever growing again
You will now:

+Develop a foundational understanding of beneficial nutrition
+Master simple energizing movement patterns
+Build a collection of questions, powerful questions, to instantly project you into a more empowered state where you are inspired to continue with the actions that keep your body thriving 
+Learn the best environments for your cells to perform optimally, healing, resting, digesting, rejuvenating.

Why use lots of Raw Organic Nutrients when Healing?

Why do we THRIVE on a RAW diet? Multi Video Playlist

Why Explore Plant Based Keto Now?

Possible lifestyle changes, easy & acheivibe when prepairedin advance .
Boost Raw lifestyle with healthy ballanced fats
Multi Video Playlist

Why Start this journey with Intermittent Fasting?

Master internal dialogue
Around incorporating time limited eating windows
planned in advance
For emotional clarity & hormesis

Multi Video Playlist

Why Stay focused on Gratitude?

Practice & enjoy GRATITUDE every day
Multi Video Playlist

Why Ketogenic Lifestyle: keys for success

understanding ketogenetic feuling systems will let you
comfortably starve cancer cells &

Multi Video Playlist

 Put some time aside each day this week to grow and learn & become passionate about this part of  your journey,

 Pick something new of your choosing, something you feel interested in and enjoy sharing & watching several times if it resonates with you, so your really understand,

Planning to share these lessons will help you absorb & understand these ideas, it’s up to you to share this information to prevent loved ones making these mystakes

Optimize Sleep to Heal Fast?

Sleep Optimisation: Multi Video Playlist

Grounding to the Earth to rapidly speed Healing

And combat dirty electricity & our modern living environments

Explore all the benefits of Grounding to the earth to heal: Multi Video Playlist

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Powerfull & Beautiful Daily Meditations

To promote an internal state of rest digest & recovery

And disassotiation from daily stresses on our nervous system

For Optimal Health

Guided Meditations to Love daily: Multi video Playlist

 I will recommend you take short notes and Decide on action you want to take as you watch ,decide in the instant & stand by your desitions until you reveiw your progress 
Easy , just sit back & enjoy the ride, know matter how the first couple of weeks feel stay focused on the unknown pleasures that you can experience when in the flow following these lifestyle changes

More on key info on creating Optimally Functioning Cells

Multi Video Playlists